25 years of creativity and innovation in POS

At Multigraf we’re specialized in the design and manufacturing of POS (Point of Sale) advertising. We’re experts on employing cardboard and durable materials such as wood, polypropylene, metal, PVC or methacrylate, among others.

The POS marketing tools allow our clients to improve their brand positioning in the market, providing increased visibility to your products and a bigger impact on the end consumer.

Creativity and innovation are the main pillars of our services. We’re constantly adapting our production process in order to get satisfactory results.

Our history dates back 25 years and through which we have developed more than 30,000 projects for with leading national and international brands, in industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food.

POS advertising refers to all those advertising elements (from stands to displays) that enable attracting the consumers’ attention and persuades them to purchase. However, there is a wide range of possibilities to position your Brand and your products at any store.


In order to differentiate us, we have invested on being originals and surprising. Our design team is continuously training in the newest technologies available internationally, to stay completely up to date. This is how we’ve succeeded in being a key element in the success of our clients through our capability to create transgressive, original and disruptive ideas.

The Multigraf team’s specific marketing knowledge allows us to create those proposals that best adapt to the specific characteristics of each product, brand and store. The goal of our comprehensive services is to achieve an optimal impact on the consumer targeted.

Improvingyour results

Our clients are leading pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food brands, among others. Our goal is to help them increase their sales, through our POS (Point Of Sale) designs’ power to attract attention and to stand out in each environment.


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