Our extremely careful work process at every stage with the intent of satisfying the client’s needs and meeting its expectations, because we treat every step with the maximum level of detail, from design to delivery.


Our design team creates drafts based on the market’s newest trends, and those that provide the best results at the POS. Our knowledge of the creative trends...
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3D Prototype

We show the product to be manufactured to our client thanks to our 3D prototypes. The 3D prototypes allow for validation of the design’s details and detection...
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We manufacture our products at our factory in El Vendrell (Tarragona). Our team is integrated by 50 people dedicated to designing, technical development...
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Complying with timings and delivering the product in perfect conditions are a fundamental part of the Multigraf experience. Therefore, we have our own...
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Each one of our projects’ stages includes exhaustive quality controls: from the first draft to final delivery. One of the features that makes of us a trusted provider...
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Factories and warehouse

We have two factories spanning a total of 5.500 square meters at El Vendrell (Tarragona), which constantly evolves as a function of needs, regulation, and demands of the business segments we work with.

Recently we have invested in the renovation of our facilities dedicated to cosmetics. Currently, we have a dedicated space for packaging and labelling of cosmetic products. Also, we have adapted part of our warehouse for this specific purpose.


At Multigraf we have invested in pioneering technology to carry on perfecting our services, and speeding up the production processes with integral services. Because of that, we are able to keep our quality promise and compromise.

For both large (115×140) and small (70×100) format, our paper cutters are high performing. They enable us to operate at the highest speed and precision for perfect finishing.

Our equipment is capable of performing complete and versatile cuts. This enables us to simultaneously perform several functions with great precision, such as drawing, milling or engraving.

This piece of equipment is characterized by its high quality gluing capability, high production speed, and fast shifting of production. Capable of producing large format, 100×40, up to 900 units per hour.

The efficacy of our die-casters is demonstrated by its fast and precise cuts, and its capability to process up to 1.000 sheets per hour at large format, up to 100×140.

Protection of our products is fundamental to guaranteeing a satisfactory delivery. Thus, we work with large and small format equipment with capacity for up to 400 units per hour.

Specifically acquired for large formats, this machine allows us to reduce the use of glue while achieving equal product functionality. This reduces our usage of contaminant products.

We have equipment for large format, with capacity to adapt to different materials while delivering outstanding quality results in each of them. We use high density ink in our digital prints with a wide range of colors, which is highly flexible so as to make the print resistant to bending and stretching.

Also, we have sufficient equipment to complete 100% of the products without having to externalize part of our services. In addition, Multigraf differentiates itself for its integral services and exhaustive quality controls in each step of the production process.