The display is, unlike other products for window-shopping, an advertising element of a much different size.

This tool has been conceived to improve your brand’s presence in small stores. The display’s goal is to increase sales and, at the same time, improve the product’s visual impact and, ultimately, its positioning in the market.

Every single advertising element contributes to the consumer’s experience. Therefore, the packaging is not only an element to protect our products, it is above all, an important part of the consumer’s experience: an element of our brand, of our philosophy and, above all, a space to communicate and connect with your clients.

Our expertise enables us to offer our clients the most suitable designs to their needs and adapted to the current trends and target. Through a well thought packaging we’re able to improve the client’s perception of any Brand, which together with their satisfaction with the product, is an important element to strengthening the clients’ loyalty.

The first impression at the POS is the most important part in terms of marketing and communication. For stores, having a seductive window-shopping that attracts the customers’ attention and spurs their curiosity, is key to increase the number of visits and to increase sales proportionally.

Display cases differ from floorstands in the space they occupy at the POS. Floorstands are placed on the floor and located in a busy area, while display cases are commonly placed at the main desk by the cash register. This advertising strategy is adequate in order to spur compulsive purchasing of small sized products at a low price.

While display cases are mostly small-sized and placed on the main desk by the cash register, floorstands have a distinctive presence because of its size and prominent location at the commercial store.

These type of stands are especially effective when launching promotions or for short time marketing actions. They are extremely versatile and so, they offer infinite and surprising possibilities because they don’t present limitations in terms of space, as display cases do.

In order to satisfy our clients’ demands for small volume printings, we have increased our stock of equipment (enlace a ‘Parque de maquinaria’ del apartado ‘Procesos’) through the acquisition of two digital printers. This acquisition allows us to take on smaller scale projects.

Because of this new digital printing department we’re able to offer solutions for high quality printing in small volumes, for occasions such as ceremonies or small scale product launching.